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Making sense of the chase

making sense of the chase
wherever you go, go with all your heart.
+ the girl
Kiran. 24. Economics Graduate. Londoner.
Works at the House of Commons.
Cherishes good food, good company & popular culture.
Enthusiastic. Open-minded. Dreamer.
Baking Fiend.

+ the likes
London. Movies. My Goldfish. West End Musicals. Good Manners. Riding My Bike. Harry Potter. Sunshine. Drawing. Horses. The Hills. Baking. Bollywood. Second Hand Book Shops. Travelling. Ugly Betty. Paperchase. The City. Lord of the Rings. Gardening. The Apprentice (UK). Percy Pigs. Black and White Photography. Peppermint Mochas. Masterchef. Tulips. Japanese Noodles. Bright colours. Learning new things. Volunteering for good causes. Books on etiquette.
+ the dislikes
Aubergines. Insincerity. Spoilers.
Bad Manners. Traffic Wardens.

+ the journal
I use my journal to talk about the things on my mind; stuff I have seen and places I have been. I have a tendency to ramble on about everyday things, but I do occasionally bare my soul. That's why my journal is friends locked. My friending policy is to add people I already know. If we're already quite familiar with each other, drop me a comment
here and I'll add you back. :)
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